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Hitra Industripark of Kysthavn (HIK) initiated an ambitious project to make the region more sustainable by applying the principles of circular economy and industrial symbiosis. A diverse group of stakeholders including companies, local authorities, experts and researchers are collaborating to create a thriving ecosystem of mutual benefit.

The first phase of the project involves using a screening tool to map out all the resources (materials, energy, and water) in the region and identify the surplus resources than can be used by other companies in the vicinity. This kind of symbiotic collaborations not only reduce waste and enhance resource efficiency, but also drive economic growth and environmental sustainability. Thams Innovation and Thamsklyngen joined forces to spearhead the project, resulting in a comprehensive report that charts a course toward sustainable industrial symbiosis.

A key element of the report was a series of insightful illustrations created by Blandan Infotech. These visuals transcended simple decoration; they effectively communicated the project's vision and the exciting potential it unlocks in this area.
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