Ecommerce for Asian Mart

Project Overview

Asian Mart is a bustling grocery store based in Estonia that specializes in curating an eclectic assortment of Asian and African products, bringing a taste of diverse cultures to its patrons. As the demand for authentic flavors grew, Asian Mart envisioned expanding its reach beyond its physical storefront and venturing into the digital realm. To embark on this digital journey, they turned to the expertise of Blandan Infotech.

Our collaboration with Asian Mart was fueled by a shared passion for cultural diversity and culinary exploration. The aim was to craft an immersive ecommerce platform that would mirror the vibrant essence of Asian Mart's physical store while offering the convenience of online shopping. We undertook the mission to design and develop a user-centric ecommerce platform that seamlessly showcase the expansive array of products at Asian Mart. We transformed Asian Mart's digital presence into a captivating virtual marketplace, inviting customers to explore a world of flavours and delights with just a few clicks. Moreover, this newfound accessibility and convenience opened doors to new opportunities for growth and expansion.
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